Having studied the 100-year history of burgers, sifting through many old and modern recipes from all over the world, we began to create. We mixed, added, tasted, changed proportions, mixed again, removed something, tried again, added again ... and we still found it - the perfect cutlet for a real man's burger! Moderately fried, incredibly juicy, combined with vegetables, the most delicate cheese and original sauce - you will not exchange this taste for anything!
In our menu, everyone will find a dish to their liking - hearty burgers with a variety of sauces and fillings, juicy steaks of the desired degree of roast, pizza side dishes and drinks.
We do not strive for serial production and cheapness, because we know: a real man, first of all, appreciates quality and taste! That is why we prepare burgers and steaks exclusively from fresh, carefully selected meats that have not been frozen thanks to daily deliveries. The freshest airy buns are delivered to us directly from the bakery, and vegetables and herbs - almost from the garden)
Are you still thinking? And someone is already enjoying a delicious burger!

about corporate parties
The professionals of our team will be able to make a real show that will appeal to all employees of your company.
For this, the services of qualified animators are used, who can easily captivate a company of any age category with contests and competitions, as well as artists of original genres, famous presenters, singers and groups.

The menu for the holiday is a variety of cuisines and sophistication of dishes. The list of treats can be changed according to the wishes of the customer. Our many years of experience helps to provide for culinary delights in such quantity so that no one goes hungry and, at the same time, does not have to overpay!